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Dedicated To Ryuichi Sakamoto
Sakamoto fans unite
Dec., 16, 2011. Yamaguchi, Japan. RS played avant-garde improvisations with Sachiko M 
25th-Dec-2011 08:07 pm

Dec., 16, 2011. Yamaguchi, Japan. RS played avant-garde improvisations with Sachiko M, who applies sine wave sounds. I watched the concert on USTREAM.

Here are some thoughts about it.

     Music has its own forms, which have little to do with visible forms, for what the eye sees exists in 3 dimension space. While what the ear hears – is in the dimension of time, and images, that music sounds give rise in our mind, can have a countless number of dimensions, because that very moment, when we hear the wonderful combinations of notes and timbres and fly to the universe they have created, falls into the depths of itself, multiplies into many worlds, nested in each other, which unfold in our imagination with a speed of thought. And how many dimensions does silence have? An infinite number… Or – none. Which is the same. Like a point. Like a singularity in the black hole, because there is no time any more...

     Drops of piano notes – drops of blood of piano’s  soul, gaping as a hara-kiri – fall into the endless expanse of space, and into them a flat electronic technogenic sound cuts, like a laser beam, like a geometric grid of stiff wire, like sheets of tin, but notes fly, fly to the sky, they transcend all ...

      Then The Musician stands up and, leaning over the piano’s naked entrails, plays on open strings with inspiration of a conductor, ruling an orchestra. His hands stroke, caress, strike scratch the strings, splashing like waves inside the piano… Exactly measured pauses between noises-sounds-notes, for giving them room to change, to flow into another quality, to echo off the walls, to be absorbed by the air, to fade…

     Then Maestro sits at the keys, and these noises suddenly resolve  into musical harmony, as abstract as preceding  structures were, but now this is a strict mathematics of harmonic sequences… while electronics goes into the background, quietly chirping and snapping, like electrons, singing on their orbit around the  nucleus-sun ...

     Dark subconscious, shining superconscious , invisible because of its extremely bright radiance… Music allows our mind to penetrate both of these areas. What is the instrument, that it applies for an overall erasing of boundaries? Pure mathematics of integers. The frequencies of musical notes correspond as whole numbers. Music of the spheres goes into the everyday, into the body, into memory of the blood. Only by factor, by coefficient of the vibration frequency parallel worlds, levels of existence, gods and humans are divided. And all the frequencies meet in one global tonic.

     He draws abstract pictures, full of mysterious nature’s rhythm. To solve them, like to solve a koan, means to discover suddenly the way your mind works, trying to cram the immense and indefinable into scope and limits and inevitably the attempts end in a fiasco and the mind draws back and only a space of sound as it is remains, and sounding-hearing remains, merged into one infinitely lasting moment ... And there is no perceiver and no music, only being in its pure form, in its sounds and colors, and this is the last answer, for no more questions.

     And when the concert is over and the music has faded – do we remain the same? Nothing ever remains the same. Especially after we just have been face to face with our real nature.  And we listen to the noise of traffic and the usual bustle of the city, like the chirping of birds or the sound of waves, for we just discovered in all around the same harmonics of the first word of creation.

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