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Dedicated To Ryuichi Sakamoto
Sakamoto fans unite
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2nd-May-2012 09:30 pm

Masafumi Gotoh (Asian Kung Fu Generation) & Ryuichi Sakamoto, March 27, 2012

... and another one:

... and a recent interview with German Zeit magazine:
('I will never gonna be a saint. The music of a saint is boring. Music has to be sexy and erotic.')

2nd-May-2012 11:31 pm (UTC)
I only have time for a quick summary. :) He says that he was so shell-shocked after 9/11 (he was pretty close when the attack happened, so close he could hear the first impact) he couldn't write music for weeks but started again when he faced a dealine and heart a young man playing 'Yesterday' at central park. He used to dislike when people said his music had healing powers (like Engery Flow) but then he understood what they meant.

He also tells how he turned his life around at the age of 40 with the help of a Yoga-guru. He used to drink, do drugs, stay up all night and when he was drinking with a good friend she wanted to read his hand and said he was going to die very soon. She introduced him to the guru and now he is living a much healther lifestyle.
3rd-May-2012 09:31 am (UTC)
Thank you very much!
So interesting...
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