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Welcome to the Ryuichi Sakamoto Community. A disscusion group for lovers of his music, or anything/anyone related to him. Pretty much anything to do with him is allowed, image posting, questions, articles, stories, sightings, anything at all to do with him. This is a place for fans to unite with their common interest, new fans, and long time fans, everyone is welcome here.

Not really rules, but just a few things to keep it friendly:
- If you would like to post a very large image, or long article, please put it under an LJ cut
- Please do not abuse eachother for any reason, everyone differs in opinion, perhaps rather then arguing, we can simply discuss in a friendly manner. It can even be interesting to hear others thoughts :)

About Ryuichi Sakamoto:
Award-winning composer and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto has made a career of crossing musical and technological boundaries. Sakamoto has experimented with, and excelled in, many different musical styles, making a name for himself in popular, orchestral, and film music. Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, Sakamoto continues to push the envelope of his artistry, marrying genres, styles, and technologies for the first time to create new and exciting directions in musical expression.

Official Site: http://www.sitesakamoto.com/

Questions? concerns? Contact the maintainer:
Email: VickySakamoto@gmail.com
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